Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eczema Herbal Remedies- 13 Natural Remedies

           I am writing this post to list the eczema herbal remedies for those who are suffering higher eczema than normal amounts of eczema in their bodies.

              The first and most important thing is neatly clean the eczema or psoriasis affected areas. Then choose any four of following tips as you alternate medicine for your eczema.

 Eczema Herbal Remedies

 ALOE GEL: which Relieves irritation i.e soreness.

 BURDOCK ROOTS: reduce the demolition of skin cells.

 CALENDULA CREAM: Soothes irritated, red skin.

 NEEM BARK: paste can be applied in affected areas allow it to dry then wash it.

 ROSEMARY: Add this to bath water to help arouse skin circulation.

 PURE NEEM OIL: mix this oil with cup of warm milk with sugar. Do it for 40 days

 OREGON GRAPE ROOT: Reduces irritation, and also clears toxins.

 MARSHMALLOW ROOTS:  Cream which prevents infection and protects skin

 OATSTRAW: Daily infusions are nourishing to the skin. You can also apply topically, or add to a bath.

 TURMERIC: which can be applied as poultice to get speed heal and to get relief from pain.

 MARSHMALLOW ROOTS:  Cream which prevents infection and protects skin

 CHAMOMMILE & CHICKWEED:   This gives Relieve from itching.

 CARROT & SPINACH: juice also beneficial.

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