Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eczema Herbal remedies - allergy herbal remedies

Several times, eczema appears to be resistant to many conventional therapies. From so many years so many severe eczema victims have no significant affect from many available conventional drugs. However, studies have shown that some eczema victims / feel relief from eczema treatments of natural medicine as compared to conventional treatments of the Western.

Natural medicine is increasingly accepted as a treatment for severe eczema for many patients because of the serious fact that many potent Western medicines such as steroids have side effects.

Numerous studies support the fact that the human body can actually heal by its own, that is why natural medicine is become particular in severe eczema patients. Natural Power can really make our body to recuperate the ability to heal. Many of the people voted for Eczema herbal remedies. These are also well known as allergy herbal remedies

I am here mentioning best 5 eczema herbal remedies. They are Chamomile Tea, Golden Seal, Green Cabbage, Marigold Tea and Evening Primrose Oil.

Coming to Chamomile Tea, it has calming and comforting effect. Drink chamomile tea before you are going to bed. Other uses of this tea are good sleep, good for kidneys, gives relief from stress, toothache and improve digestion.

Coming to Golden seal, it is very good in giving relief from eczema symptoms and it is the best eczema herbal which can make the healing process speed. Add honey to golden sea before eating it, it will give better relief.

Coming to Green cabbage, take fresh leaves of green cabbage, warm them and now crush it. Now apply that crushed paste on eczema affected skin areas under bandage for whole night.

Coming to Marigold Tea, prepare this by mixing eight ounces water to one tea spoon dried and crushed marigold flower. Generally it gives effective relief from blistering, itching and flaking. And also prevent eczema attacks. It is also helpful in hemorrhoids and burns.

Finally Evening primrose oil, nowadays it is called as Effective Eczema herbal remedy. This oil is extract from evening primrose seeds. This oil contains GLA (gamma linolenic acid) which are essential for body growth and development. This is also good curing your child eczema. This is also useful for cancer and diabetic patients.

Other than the natural resource base of plants, maintaining a healthy attitude (under stress) is also an important factor to combat eczema or if a little serious.

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