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Eczema Herbal treatment

Eczema is one of the most common diseases related to skin. Today, more cases of eczema are crushed. An important aspect is that there are no clinically proven cure for this disease. You can relieve symptoms, however, with the help of a number of solutions available on the market.

You can choose a number of Eczema herbal and natural medicines to treat this condition. Here are some of the basic herbs, you can try, in such a state:

Mixture of comfrey root, white bark and slippery elm bark is a very common Eczema herbal remedy. In genera comfort root can be used to encourage healthy regrowth of skin and tissue cells. slippery elm bark can be use in healing salves for wounds, burns, and skin inflammation. White bark also used to ease pain and reduce inflammation. The mixture useful for eczema cure must contain white bark 1 teaspoon, 2 teaspoons of slippery elm bark, 1 1/2 teaspoons Comfrey root and 3 cups of water in a bowl. Boil the mixture for 30 minutes. Cool and use this mixture to wash the eczema affetcted skin areas.

A very important Herbal Psoriasis remedy is blueberry leaves. Blueberry leaves can be planted in the form of a thick paste and the juice extracted from that is used to wash eczema affected areas. You can also use the paste too. Make sure you are properly washed before using them.

Another simple herbal home remedy for eczema is Calendula (Marigold) and chamomile. These
herbs can be used for washing the affected skin areas, for providing relief. At the same time the mixture of almond oil and chamomile can be useful in getting relief.

One more effective way to treat eczema is Birch leaves. i will explain now how to use it. just take one leter of water in a bowl and and around 65-80 grams of birch leaves, boil them for 3 minutes. After that add little amount of soda bicarbonate. Allow the mixture to become cool for 2-3 hours. Now you can use this mixture to wash affected skin without any risk.

The juice extracted from watercress also a effective eczema herbal remedy. you can use that juice for washing eczema areas of your body.

I hope above methods will help you in getting rid of eczema. Still you are looking for more effective Eczema herbal remedies or psoriasis herbal remedies or alternate medicine for eczema i recommend you to buy any of the products displayed beside of this post

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Eczema on lip - How to treat it

Eczema on the lip can be very stressful. This post will examine the symptoms, causes treatments and some simple useful ways to get rid of this form of eczema affecting the lips.

Any part of the body can be affected by Eczema. If those parts are not much exposed parts for example knees, thighs etc, it is ok to cover them. But if those parts usually exposed parts like feet, lips, face and hand etc, it will be a great task to cover them.

Here I am mentioning some ways to get rid from eczema on lip .

Make sure the area around the lips is not getting dried out. For this use a lip balm or Vaseline to maintain moisture on lips. Drink plenty of water and take lot of fruits which are high in moisture content. This will let your lips wet on the out side by hydrating you

Don’t apply fragrances and harsh chemicals on eczema affected areas. It is always better to use natural and gentle products so as not to cause an allergic reaction.

You have to change your lifestyle. In case you are consuming alcohol, tobacco. You have to avoid them. At the same time don’t take spice food by which mouth and as well as lips get irritate and triggers to eczema flare ups.

Expecting more about Eczema on lip. Search on different eczema sites. Select some natural tips from all those and start doing them. I wish you good health.

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Eczema Herbal-Best Six Remedies For Eczema

               I am writing this post to list out the best eczema herbal remedies. And these are safer as compared to chemical products. You can say these products as psoriasis herbal remedies and alternate medicine for eczema 

Eczema herbal remedies 1: lotion or extract of Blueberry leaf.

               Naturally these leaves contain nutrients that will work on your skin and it is easy to use, why because you can apply it to the affected areas of your skin directly.

Eczema herbal remedies 2 -Flaxseed Oil.

               By using one or two teaspoons of flaxseed oil you can absorb good changes in your skin and you get relief from eczema or psoriasis. You can get this at drugstore near by your home. Over dosage also won’t result in any type of risk.

Psoriasis herbal remedies 3 -Aloe Vera.

               This is anti-provocative, laxative, and unaffected refreshment. 

Eczema herbal remedies 4 - Calendula.

               This blossoming herb is antibacterial, anti-provocative and palliative. This is very much useful in case of sooth reddened, red skin.

Eczema herbal remedies 5 -Chamomile.

               This herb has anti-unease, antihistamine, anti-provocative, antioxidant and antispasmodic properties. It gives relief from itching.

Eczema herbal remedies 6 - Rosemary.

               A strong sterile, antioxidant, and antispasmodic useful in treating circulatory conditions, eczema, Psoriasis, rheumatism, stiff muscles, Alzheimer's, cancer, dyspepsia, and bad-tempered bowel syndrome.

                Still you are unable to get complete relax I strongly recommend you to order Eczema Free Forever which is giving lot of fruitful result in lot of cases.

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Eczema Herbal Remedies

I am writing 'Eczema Herbal remedies' post to my blog.

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by small, wet blisters and dry, itchy rashes. While eczema isn't contagious, it is very common. Eczema may affect as many as 15 million Americans and is especially prevalent among people with a history of other allergy-related conditions. If you're struggling with this embarrassing and often painful skin disorder, ask your doctor about adding natural and herbal Eczema remedies to your treatment regimen.

Eczema Herbal tip1:Nourishing Eczema-Ravaged Skin With Evening Primrose Oil

Without a doubt, today's most promising herbal remedy for psoriasis is evening primrose oil. Study after study suggests that this small perennial herb, or at least the oil produced from it, can give eczema sufferers significantly better control of their eczema flare-ups.

How does it work? Evening primrose oil is an especially rich source of the essential fatty acids your skin needs for optimum health. While the use of evening primrose oil for eczema isn't completely without controversy, it's one of the few herbal products gaining widespread acceptance in mainstream medicine. In fact, when it comes to eczema, the Mayo Clinic gives evening primrose oil a "B".

Eczema Herbal tip2:Reducing Eczema & Inflammation With Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is rich in another important eczema fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA. ALA is an omega-3 fatty acid closely associated with reduced inflammation. While flaxseed oil hasn't been studied as extensively as evening primrose oil, a 1986 review produced such positive results that the study's author called for more research into the possible link between essential fatty acids and better eczema management.

Still Expecting more info ok

Eczema, also called dermatitis, produces inflamed patches of red, scaly skin usually on the face, scalp, hands, wrists and in front of the elbows and behind the knees.
It is usually very itchy, but scratching can aggravate it.
Eczema can be food allergies or allergic reactions to pollen or animal fur.
It is likely to run in families.
Those with eczema have higher than normal amounts of histamine in their bodies, a chemical that produces an allergic reaction when released in the skin. Interestingly, people with eczema have higher amounts of histamine and often develop hay fever and other allergies.
Eczema Herbal Remedies
ALOE GEL Relieves inflammation.
BURDOCK ROOT Minimizes destruction of skin cells.
CALENDULA CREAM Soothes inflamed, red skin.
CHAMOMMILE Relieves itching.
CHICKWEED Poultice helps soothe skin and stops itching.
OREGON GRAPE ROOT Reduces inflammation, helps clear toxins.
MARSHMALLOW ROOT Cream protects skin and prevents infection.
OATSTRAW Daily infusions are nourishing to the skin. You can also apply topically, or add to a bath.
ROSEMARY Added to bath water to help stimulate skin circulation.
TURMERIC Applied as poultice to relieve pain and speed healing.
WALNUT LEAF Skin may be washed with extract to protect against infection.
WITCH HAZEL Applied in cream to relieve inflammation.

Fore More information do visit Eczema Herbal I wish U good health.
You can search on web also for psoriasis herbal or alternate medicine for eczema.

Eczema Herbal Remedies and eczema Skin Care Tips

After receiving numerous queries regarding eczema, I am now dedicating a page to Eczema Herbal other wise you can called as alternate medicine or psoriasis herbal for eczema. Please take the following notes as in the spirit it is intended. I am not a Qualified Dermatologist or Doctor. I can only speak from my own personal Eczema experience. If you have not yet consulted with your own Doctor about a skin condition that is currently affecting you, I would strongly advise that you seek his or her advice before trying other avenues. For example, your skin condition/eczema may be a symptom of some other underlying condition. Over the years my tolerance to my skin sensitivities has decreased considerably, which in turn has led to extreme aggressive bouts of eczema. But, within the last year I have found that by being disciplined and following the below steps has helped me to cope with my very dry skin/Eczema condition. A big thank you to my husband, Nick, who helped me with words of encouragement and support – and also for helping me to program this wonderful site, whereby hopefully, other like-minded individuals will find relief in the beautiful products we support.

Some Helpful Eczema Relief Tips and Eczema Herbal Remedies:

1. If you are currently experiencing infected eczema, treat your eczema with the steroid treatment prescribed to you by your Doctor. Desperation usually gets the better of us in the end (it did with me). I tried many alternative remedies, but the only sure way forward was medical intervention. But saying that, it’s one thing getting rid of eczema temporarily, but being rid of it for good was another matter entirely. Hence, my aim was to use the steroid treatment cream for the last and final time! When your skin is inflamed, itching and bleeding, steroids seem to be the only hope and relief on offer for eczema these days.

2. Once the infection has cleared up (bleeding/weeping and general ‘rawness’) heavily moisturise your skin with natural skincare (after cleansing your skin). Keep moisturising even if large clumps of skin fall off. Constantly reapply creams/butters as eczema areas begin to dry. It is best to use products containing plenty of Essential Fatty Acids, for example body butters etc. Note: If you use any new products on your skin whilst it is in an inflamed or in an infectious state, it may create new sensitivities for you, regardless of whether the products are natural or otherwise (more specifically products containing more essential oils and herbal extracts - it is best to opt for a more basic ingredient cream/butter). Whilst constantly applying heavy thick butters to your skin, you may want to wear some old clothes for a while; the aim here is to keep your skin at optimum moisture levels. Your good clothes will become spoilt. This part of the process took me about half a week to complete. I was at the time signed off sick from work, so, back then I could take every day as it came. This is an important fact to mention, if you have worries about your work, book a couple of weeks off, so that you can focus on healing your eczema. Perhaps you have a hectic family life; maybe some kind caring individual could baby-sit for a while? There is nothing worse than worries flying around your mind. Worrying, just made my eczema states more aggressive.

3. Are you still having trouble in trying to stop the itch? This is why eczema keeps coming back/becomes re-infected, it’s that unbearable urge to rip your skin off, that unbearable burning itch that you just can't leave alone. Whilst at the stage of heavily moisturising your flaky skin, try hay fever tablets (please check with your Doctor first). When the skin starts to peel in clumps it can feel like a heavy sticky clay cracking facemask, and that can keep the itch going. The hay fever tablets were excellent for ridding the horrible urge to scratch. They worked (for me), because after the initial 7/8 hours were complete the urge to scratch came back. I must say that the only hay fever tablets that stopped the itching was Benedryl Plus. I tried the normal Benedryl, but experienced no itch relief. But please do check with your Doctor before taking hay fever tablets as they may affect whatever condition may be underlying the Eczema (if there is one). Even though the eczema itch may have stopped, keep topping up your moisture levels, this is vital. Only stop moisturising when you have stopped the hay fever medication course and your skin no longer itches without the aid of hay fever medication. However, do keep your former eczema skin well moisturised. The paranoia of eczema returning does get better, eventually, and the day that you can leave your skin free of any lotions and potions is very liberating indeed!

4. A little sunlight was very beneficial for eczema. After heavily moisturising the very dry and flaky skin (with no infection) I sat in the garden for about 10 minutes, after 3:45pm, to avoid burning. Of course, if weather permitting. Sunlight is needed for our skin to formulate Vitamin D.

5. Have you heard of Essential Fatty Acids? These are thought to be precursors for the hormones that look after your skin and reproductive systems. They can also assist in regulating hormone fluctuations. Unfortunately, by the time you’ve noticed that you do lack EFAs, it can take up to 6 months to get your levels back to normal. Hair and skin are always the first to be compromised when your system is running below normal. Whilst trying to increase your EFAs by eating the correct foods (avocados, nuts & seeds - Hemp being the best source) it might also be a good idea to take supplements for increased effectiveness? Such as Vitamin C (Ester C), Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B Complex. I found that these were excellent for trying to assist skin disorders. (update May 2007 PLEASE NOTE: Essential Fatty Acid Oils should be COLD PRESSED only. Do not purchase anything but. I personally switched brand earlier this year and bought by mistake an Oil that was NOT COLD-PRESSED. The quality is inferior as all the goodness and nutrition has been killed off by excess heat!!!! My skin started to become more sensitised and reacted. I switched back to COLD-PRESSED and noticed almost an immediate difference with my skin health).

6. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED! Well, at least until you have the Eczema under control. I personally found that when I drank alcohol, this made the itching burn so much worse. This is due to the alcohol leaching precious nutrients from your body.

7. Eat plenty of ‘rainbow food’, these are vegetables and fruits of all colours, this will ensure that you ingest all the beneficial enzymes available for your bodily functions, best to make them Organic too.

8. Ensure that you receive plenty of rest, sleep is a wonderful rejuvenator; perhaps skip those nights out until you have the Eczema fully under control?

9. SOAP – only use soap that is handmade – with plenty of natural vegetable glycerine, a good oily/fatted soap is best. Avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulphates at all costs. This is a known skin sensitiser/irritant which is found in most, if not all commercial mainstream products. When using SLS on your skin (and backed up through my own personal experience) the natural acid mantle can be seriously disrupted. Of course it does depend on how much SLS is in a product, avoid commercial bubble baths, they WILL strip your natural oils, as they do tend to contain more SLS than say for example, a shampoo. Skin needs to retain a nice natural water resistant base to defend itself from invading microbes, etc. The sebum and sweat combine nicely to form this healthy acid mantle (which is also a mild anti-bactericide too). Hence, more sensitive skins will be prone to the chance of experiencing skin disorders/problems when using SLS products, such as eczema. Unfortunately, for some, the need to remove all trace of natural oil from the skin whilst showering and bathing is the only way one feels clean. Over washing can seriously damage your skin. Since using less harsh detergents my skin's ability to heal itself has become far more efficient. Also avoiding products with petro-chemical derived emollients has also resulted in far fewer rashes & spots. Using harsh detergents means that the skin has to over compensate from an offensive attack. The skin starts to produce more and more oil (sebum) as a form of protection. Pores can become clogged and infected, resulting in spots for some. For me, the balance was constantly being tipped up until I stopped stripping my skin's natural defence and plastering it with cling-film type petrochemical skincare. Of course, when choosing natural skincare, you still need to be aware that all base oils have differing characteristics; some are more suited to mature/dry skins whereas other base oils are more suited to more sensitive/combination type skins. But saying that, all the products on this site specify the skin type it was created for. If your skin suffers with excess oil (and is not sensitive) this skincare might help? But, do watch your skin in this respect, as oily over-production is a sure sign of an imbalance, which could lead to sensitivities for the future.

10. After moisturising your skin heavily, whether with natural or otherwise, your skin can become clogged, especially after using so many body butters, etc. Your skin needs to breathe. Too much on your skin can also lead to that hot burning eczema itch. You now need to achieve a nice balance between using moisturisers/creams/oils/butters and a very mild and gentle soap at bath/shower time. When the eczema is at it’s most intense, a bath is the last thing you want. Perhaps showering might be a good option? Don’t soak the affected skin for longer than is necessary. Simply Soaps Calendula & Lavender is an excellent bar of soap, it can help to achieve this balance. Very mild and effective for clearing the excess oily build-up whilst respecting my natural pH balance/acid mantle. But since my own Eczema experience, we have introduced many more wonderful/skin nourishing soaps.

11. There is nothing better when you have been suffering eczema for long periods of time, to finally have a wonderful exfoliating session when your eczema is finally under control! I can now exfoliate my skin on a regular basis, about once a week is right for me. I would only suggest trying to exfoliate once your skin has gone back to normal – ensuring that about a month has passed with a good track record of healthy skin even before attempting to exfoliate. Once you have finished exfoliating, ensure that you seal the fresh bare layers of skin with a natural good moisturising lotion/cream/oil containing plenty of Essential Fatty Acids, to ensure you nourish and protect your skin.

12. Exercise on a regular basis and keep drinking plenty of water. The constant flow of fresh new liquid releases toxins from your system, sluggish lymph is able to move along far more efficiently when you exercise. Both will enable you to experience far more balance within your system.

13. Look into the type of detergent you use to wash your clothes, washing powders/liquids are usually the main source of skin discomfort/increase of eczema episodes. Since May 2005 we have been testing an eco friendly/green laundry detergent, and we are very proud to now offer sonett from our site.

14. I know it's easier said than done, but do try and take some time to relax. I found that yoga & meditating was an excellent aid in helping me keep calm in times of stress.

My main eczema skin allergy triggers are Petroleum & SLS based products. These ingredients can be found in perfume/fragrances, and in most, if not all mainstream skincare and hair care products. The affects of petro-chemical derived ingredients suffocate the sensitive skin’s ability to breathe; the petro-chemical based skincare acts like a cling-film wrap, this is the best way to describe the skin’s inability to breathe. Hence, the skin becomes hot and itchy, and can then lead to eczema.

Of course, everyone’s triggers are most certainly different. Some triggers are from natural products, such as Vitamin E and essential oils. Please read 'eczema herbal' which will help you with your own personal choice of products.

Still I wish you luck in trying to overcome your skin condition.If you want you can search for Alternate medicine for eczema in online also.

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Natural eczema Treatment - Four Drug Free Ideas

Natural Eczema Treatment 1: Soak In An Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal For Treating Eczema Naturally

Eczema Herbal

Another effective natural eczema treatment is an oatmeal bath. An oatmeal bath is particulary soothing for dry skin. It may sound strange but oatmeal is excellent for calming inflamed skin that you just want to scratch off your body.
To make an oatmeal bath, you can simply purchase porridge (such as Quaker) oats from the supermarket and add them to a lukewarm bath. A cup or two should be fine. The itchier you are, the more water and oats you should add.
If you do not wish to make your own oatmeal bath for some reason, Aveeno sells one that is excellent for managing that eczema itch.

Natural Eczema Treatment 2: Wet Wrap Therapy To The Rescue

You may find it hard to sleep at night, when the level of your itch intensifies. If so, you may want to consider using the wet wrap therapy.
Before the wet wrap therapy begins, you will need to soak in a bath with emollient oil. Then moisturizer is rubbed into the skin to make it moist. If your eczema is severe, then your health care provider may recommend an anti-itch cream to be applied to the affected skin.
The bandages that are used for wet wrap therapy are soaked in warm water or a special moisturizer until very wet. The bandages are then wrapped over the affected eczema area.
This therapy can be used on any part of the body that is affected by eczema, including the face. To help keep the moisture in and so that you can sleep, you can wrap dry bandages over the wet ones.

Natural Eczema Treatment 3: Bach Flower Essences For Emotional Balancing

Bach Flower Essences

Flower Essences In A Bottle
Flower Essences In A Bottle

Emotional stress can trigger eczema symptoms. Studies indicate that an increase in anxiety or tension levels often take place just prior to an outbreak. Bach Flower Essences Therapy is an eczema natural treatment that can be used to balance mood swings and/or to lower high stress levels.

Natural Eczema Treatment 4: Lifestyle Tips That Are Useful

Health Is Wealth

Each and every tip can play a useful part in the overall plan to reduce the intensity of itch levels. In fact, they are part of beneficial lifestyle changes that would benefit everyone, but more specially those who suffer from eczema.
- Your wellness is important. Eczema may well be the symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, make simple alterations in your usual activities, such as spending time relaxing, getting plenty of fresh air, engaging in regular exercise, having enough sleep. Also, maintain harmonious relationships, stay stress-free and nurture a purpose in life - all these are useful strategies for keeping eczema under control.
- Obviously, having long fingernails are out! I have not even have had a manicure for years! Keep your fingernails short to decrease the abrasion from scratching.
You should also refrain from scratching to forestall secondary skin infections and to break the vicious cycle of itch-scratch-rash. I do acknowledge that it is easier said than done. Still, you will need to cultivate increased awareness that scratching that itch may relieve you temporarily but can most certainly worsen the state of your skin. You can minimise the temptation to scratch by placing light bandages on affected areas, or applying soothing salves or cool, wet compresses.
- Stay away from temperature extremes, or rapid changes of temperature. Exposure to gentle sunlight can help but avoid sweating as this can trigger flare-ups.

Find out which eczema natural treatment works best for you

Because eczema can be caused and triggered by a combination of psychological, emotional, physical, chemical, and biological factors, relying on one approach is in most cases, not sufficient. I have presented here 8 common ways that do not involve the use of steroids and which are known to help.
Admittedly, one eczema natural treatment method may not work as well for another, as every eczema sufferer is different and has unique circumstances. You will need to exercise some patience and skill to find the few methods or therapies that can be most helpful in reducing your eczema flare ups.

I hope this information which i wrote in my blog eczema herbals satisfiesyou in all aspects. Still If you want forever free from eczema please visit Natural Eczema Treatment

Natural eczema Treatment - 4 Drug Free Ideas For Itch Relief

Eczema Natural Treatment As Part Of An Integrative Strategy

An eczema natural treatment or a combination of a few natural therapies, may be used to complement conventional treatments, why are typically via topical steroids. No doubt, many sufferers turn to steroids for instant itch relief. However, prolonged usage can lead to side effects, which are harmful for your body, and may even worsen the state of your health in the long run.

Many alternative or natural health professionals are of the opinion that eczema essentially reflects the internal state of a person's health, lifestyle, energy balance, and psychological stability. Additionally, they recognise that eczema for some individuals is triggered by allergy-provoking substances.

This being the case, eczema natural treatments have to be selected to address psychological trauma and stress, realign the natural healing processes of the body and its energy balance, and, finally, stimulate efficient elimination of toxic substances from the body.

So if you prefer a more integrated plan to reduce your eczema symptoms, then you need to first ensure that the health care professional that you are seeing has an intimate knowledge of alternative or natural treatment methods. In this manner, you are assured of optimal care without suffering untoward side effects or negating the efficacy of individual treatments.

There are several options for a multi-pronged approach in drawing up a plan for eczema natural treatment. Here are 4 drug-free ideas that appear to have work, based on my own experience as an eczema sufferer and on the feedback that I have been receiving about them from subscribers to my free newsletter on eczema.

Natural Eczema Treatment #1: Pay Attention To What You Eat-Food Allergy May Cause Eczema

It is essential that you stick to a diet regimen with foods that do not provoke any allergic reactions. Instead, select foods that promote a greater balance of beneficial substances to prevent flare-ups of the disease.

- Avoid foods that may trigger eczema flare-ups. These may include citrus fruits, chocolate, eggs, cow's milk, shellfish, and wheat. It is helpful to keep a journal recording what you eat and note down instances when eczema breaks out.

- Emphasize a healthier whole-foods diet with minimal amounts of animal fat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed and junk foods.

- Consume foods high in vitamin A or beta-carotene and potassium such as carrots, and green leafy vegetables in your diet

Natural Eczema Treatment #2: Healing With Water

A common eczema symptom is extremely dry skin. Dry skin can be a sign of de-hydration. Hence it is important to ensure that you drink sufficient amounts of water every day. It is often recommended that you drink at least 2 litres of water daily but if you have eczema, it is best that you make this a minimum requirement.

Drink water that is as pure as possible and filtered of any chemicals. You want good clean water to flush through your body, bringing life and vitality to every skin cell.

Natural Eczema Treatment #3: Nutritional Supplements To Make Up Deficiency

Many eczema sufferers are found to be deficient in nutrients that support the healthy growth of skin. These supplements can help hydrate your skin from within and also to speed up the healing of damaged skin cells. It is a good idea to experiment by adding supplements to your diet one at a time. Supplements that are known to help include evening primrose oil, virgin coconut oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Eczema Natural Treatment #4: Herbs For Health

Herbs may be used as teas or infusions, topical applications, and tinctures. Eczema Herbal remedies may be used for direct treating the skin, for relieving stress, or for cleansing the bowel.

The use of herbal medicine can also come from the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. There are varying degrees of success reported by different individuals however.

It is important that if you wish to use eczema herbals, you should consult a qualified professional. Herbal remedies may be natural but some of them can have very potent effects.

I hope this information will help you a lot in getting relief from eczema. If you are searching for forever treatment for eczema i suggest you to visit Natural eczema treatment

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Eczema Herbal-Emu Oil

when i am writing for Eczema herbal blog, I came to know about this and i fell it may be useful for somebody. Thats why i am writing this.

Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a chronic skin disorder. When it is flaring up - which can be weekly or monthly for some - it is characterized by red, itchy skin. This condition usually occurs in people with a personal or family history of atopy (allergic asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, or food allergies). To aid in the relief of this disease you need to identify and reduce those factors in your life that exacerbate the disease. These are different for each person, so no one therapy is appropriate for all eczema sufferers.
Irritants: Environmental factors can have a big effect on eczema. To prevent irritation, minimize the use of soaps, solvents, and other drying compounds. If soaps are to be used they should have minimal defatting activity and a neutral pH. Non-soap cleansing agents are also available. Since residual laundry detergent in clothes may also be irritating, a second rinse cycle would be beneficial. Changing detergents may also help.
For hand dermatitis, it is important to avoid irritant contact with solvents, soaps and detergents. If you wash your hands frequently, it is important to apply emollients after every washing. Pure Emu oil and emu oil based lotions are an excellent method of re-hydrating the skin after washing. Wearing appropriate gloves when using potential irritants is also important.
Allergens: Allergens in the air and in food are often triggers for a flare-up of this disorder. Allergy testing is helpful in determining what allergens to avoid. Occasionally, using an electrostatic air purifier can help reduce aeroallergen exposure at home or in the workplace.
Dietary management of atopic dermatitis continues to be a controversial subject among doctors. The most common allergens appear to be eggs, cow's milk, soy, wheat, nuts and fish.
Infections: If you get a bacterial, fungal or viral infection, it may cause a flare-up of eczema. If eczema is weeping or oozing, if it is crusted, or if it has small bumps, have your doctor test for the presence of bacterial infection.
Athletes foot (tineas pedis) can occur in older children and adults in addition to foot dermatitis. When standard topical therapy for foot dermatitis fails, you doctor may test for this fungus.
Helpful Hints for Eczema
Hydration: Your skin is dry, not because it lacks grease or oil, but because it fails to retain water. Therefore, to correct dryness, water is added to the skin, followed by a grease or oil-containing substance to hold the water in. This can be done by soaking the affected area in a basin of water, in the bath or in the shower, for 20 minutes using warm water. Pat the skin with a soft towel to remove excess water, and immediately apply Emu oil. You should bathe and lubricate at least once a day or more for optimum hydration. Many folks find additional applications (2 or 3 times a day) of agents like Emu oil that hydrate the skin, help keep their skin moist.
Although eczema can be difficult to live with, we hope the above suggestions will help alleviate some of the discomfort associated with it. Remember: no two cases are exactly alike and each person may have different needs.
For more queries on psorisis
herbal or alternate treatment for eczema i strongly recommend you to visit
Eczema Herbal .

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Use Nature to Beat Eczema - Holistic Eczema Treatment

Many people experience disappointment at the lack of progress conventional medicine is able to make against their Eczema, and unfortunately most of them have no idea how much help some natural therapies can be. I’ve compiled a few tips here that may help you find some natural relief.

Holistic Eczema Treatment 1-Get Some Vitamin E Cream.

Vitamin E is great when applied directly affected Eczema areas, as it has proven anti microbial qualities. This doesn’t mean to much to most people, but certain microbes and bacteria are thought to be responsible for a large percentage of the itching and discomfort from Eczema, so removing them with Vitamin E can really bring some relief. Also, it’s worth noting that synthetic vitamin E will not have the same benefits as a natural version.

Holistic Eczema Treatment 2-Use An Emollient

An Emollient is a little like regular moisturizer, except that it’s got a base of FAT. Yes fat. Gross? Well it may seem so but when you take into account that the fat layer will seal the moisture inside your skin and stop itching and cracking, it doesn’t seem quite so gross huh? If you apply an emollient directly after bathing or showering, you will really be doing some good as that is when there is the most moisture available to be locked under your skin.

Holistic Eczema Treatment 3-Get Some Blueberry Leaf Extract

The blueberry leaves contain a form of acid, called chlorogenic acid-don’t worry it’s not the kind of acid that will eat through your carpet. This acid has certain anti microbe agents in its make up, which means it’s a very effective natural anti inflammatory. Perfect to apply to the affected area when it seems like nothing else will get the job done!

Holistic Eczema Treatment 4-Starting Packing Moisturizer

As we said, emollients are great, but they aren’t always super practical. That’s why it makes sense to keep a bottle of moisturizer with you all the time. That way, next time you are in the office shuffling papers and you feel your hands starting to dry out, just apply a dab of moisturizer. If you get into this habit you can really start to stop some of the worst Eczema episodes in their tracks.

Holistic Eczema Treatment 5-Give Your Diet A Makeover

This may require seeing a dietician, or anyone else trained to give advice on diet in relation to your health. Many people underestimate the importance of diet, but think of it this way-you may be eating the wrong kinds of foods right now, and making your Eczema 3 or 4 times as bad as it would otherwise be. Scientists have sometimes found that highly acidic foods are linked to Eczema, so you may experience benefits by cutting down on them, or by taking kelp supplements, which are very high in alkali and can neutralize the acid in some foods.

Finally Dress Smart
I mean use your brain, not wearing smart clothing! Throw out any clothing or bedding or towels or anything that you find even slightly. A minor irritation like this can really cause problems long term. Replace it all with the softest 100% cotton you can find. Also, rethink your laundry situation. Detergents and softeners etc can wreak havoc with skin conditions, so you may want to switch to natural unscented detergents etc to combat this.

These steps will help reduce your eczema. If you are wishing to cure your eczema, you will need a complete system. click Eradicate Your Eczema within 10 days to visit that system. I wish you a good health.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Five Proven Natural Methods for Your Eczema Cure

Many polls show that most of the world, millions of people suffering from eczema. It is a chronic disorder of the skin is said that babies receive a higher level. Although not much to worry about this disorder, many patients with eczema feel uncomfortable exposing their skin in front of their relatives/friends/colleagues...

This skin disorder is usually located on the face, arms and elbows. May this condition can affect other parts of the body. Some times it may leads to scaling, blisters and dryness. No one knows what the exact cause for eczema is. It may be based on the harshness of the disease.

The demand for different home remedies for eczema raises along with Eczema sufferers. To gratify the demand of the victims, many home remedies were exposed. I am listing some of them below:

1. Do applying the paste extract from basil leaves on eczema affected skin areas.

2. Eating pesto sauce on a regular basis will help to treat this disorder

3. Add ½ table spoon of turmeric to one glass water and drink it without delay.

4. Take hot bath. For this bath add some walnut leaves to warm water. This bath gives your skin better condition.

5. Prepare a paste for the below equation Basil + 2 garlic cloves + one spoon olive oil + salt + pepper. Apply this cream on all the affected areas.

The most important aspect to fight against eczema is to keep the skin well hydrated. Apply herbal moisturizers all over the skin regularly. This will reduce the problem from becoming worse. Follow all the home remedies for eczema regularly to get rid of this condition.

Keeping skin well hydrated condition is always good in all aspects including treating eczema. Apply moisturizers with herbal on the skin regularly. This will prevent the problem in becoming worse. To get rid from eczema fallow all the five methods I mentioned above regularly.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Treat Eczema Naturally With 3 Proven Tips

Treat eczema naturally is a good idea. The Natural treatment of eczema is the best way to get rid from irritation and discomfort. Most of the eczema victims may not know how some persons treat eczema naturally. So what I do is share with you some useful tips on treat eczema naturally.

By reading this post you will know what natural methods (here three methods) you can do to get rid from eczema.

1. The first method in treat eczema naturally is blueberry extract. Firstly visit your near by cosmetic store and inquire about the creams and lotions which are made of Blueberry extracts. It is already proven that this blueberry extract will help you in saying good bye to itching, dry skin and inflammation. For better results apply this cream on affected areas couples of times a day.

2. The second method in treat eczema naturally is to take a bath of oatmeal. When you are taking oatmeal bath you have to add 2 cups of regular means natural oatmeal into water and stir them. For this bath prefer warm water to cold water. Do this at least twice a week for better results each for twenty minutes. You can get this oatmeal at your nearest health food stores.

3. The third method in treat eczema naturally is applying vitamin E cream on skin. This cream will give you relief from discomfort, itching, irritation and dry skin. You can use vitamin E cream from a local health and wellness store. Be sure to use some of the cream on your skin every day.

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Looking for more information visit Eczema Herbal . I wish you good health.