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Natural eczema Treatment - Four Drug Free Ideas

Natural Eczema Treatment 1: Soak In An Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal For Treating Eczema Naturally

Eczema Herbal

Another effective natural eczema treatment is an oatmeal bath. An oatmeal bath is particulary soothing for dry skin. It may sound strange but oatmeal is excellent for calming inflamed skin that you just want to scratch off your body.
To make an oatmeal bath, you can simply purchase porridge (such as Quaker) oats from the supermarket and add them to a lukewarm bath. A cup or two should be fine. The itchier you are, the more water and oats you should add.
If you do not wish to make your own oatmeal bath for some reason, Aveeno sells one that is excellent for managing that eczema itch.

Natural Eczema Treatment 2: Wet Wrap Therapy To The Rescue

You may find it hard to sleep at night, when the level of your itch intensifies. If so, you may want to consider using the wet wrap therapy.
Before the wet wrap therapy begins, you will need to soak in a bath with emollient oil. Then moisturizer is rubbed into the skin to make it moist. If your eczema is severe, then your health care provider may recommend an anti-itch cream to be applied to the affected skin.
The bandages that are used for wet wrap therapy are soaked in warm water or a special moisturizer until very wet. The bandages are then wrapped over the affected eczema area.
This therapy can be used on any part of the body that is affected by eczema, including the face. To help keep the moisture in and so that you can sleep, you can wrap dry bandages over the wet ones.

Natural Eczema Treatment 3: Bach Flower Essences For Emotional Balancing

Bach Flower Essences

Flower Essences In A Bottle
Flower Essences In A Bottle

Emotional stress can trigger eczema symptoms. Studies indicate that an increase in anxiety or tension levels often take place just prior to an outbreak. Bach Flower Essences Therapy is an eczema natural treatment that can be used to balance mood swings and/or to lower high stress levels.

Natural Eczema Treatment 4: Lifestyle Tips That Are Useful

Health Is Wealth

Each and every tip can play a useful part in the overall plan to reduce the intensity of itch levels. In fact, they are part of beneficial lifestyle changes that would benefit everyone, but more specially those who suffer from eczema.
- Your wellness is important. Eczema may well be the symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, make simple alterations in your usual activities, such as spending time relaxing, getting plenty of fresh air, engaging in regular exercise, having enough sleep. Also, maintain harmonious relationships, stay stress-free and nurture a purpose in life - all these are useful strategies for keeping eczema under control.
- Obviously, having long fingernails are out! I have not even have had a manicure for years! Keep your fingernails short to decrease the abrasion from scratching.
You should also refrain from scratching to forestall secondary skin infections and to break the vicious cycle of itch-scratch-rash. I do acknowledge that it is easier said than done. Still, you will need to cultivate increased awareness that scratching that itch may relieve you temporarily but can most certainly worsen the state of your skin. You can minimise the temptation to scratch by placing light bandages on affected areas, or applying soothing salves or cool, wet compresses.
- Stay away from temperature extremes, or rapid changes of temperature. Exposure to gentle sunlight can help but avoid sweating as this can trigger flare-ups.

Find out which eczema natural treatment works best for you

Because eczema can be caused and triggered by a combination of psychological, emotional, physical, chemical, and biological factors, relying on one approach is in most cases, not sufficient. I have presented here 8 common ways that do not involve the use of steroids and which are known to help.
Admittedly, one eczema natural treatment method may not work as well for another, as every eczema sufferer is different and has unique circumstances. You will need to exercise some patience and skill to find the few methods or therapies that can be most helpful in reducing your eczema flare ups.

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