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Natural eczema Treatment - 4 Drug Free Ideas For Itch Relief

Eczema Natural Treatment As Part Of An Integrative Strategy

An eczema natural treatment or a combination of a few natural therapies, may be used to complement conventional treatments, why are typically via topical steroids. No doubt, many sufferers turn to steroids for instant itch relief. However, prolonged usage can lead to side effects, which are harmful for your body, and may even worsen the state of your health in the long run.

Many alternative or natural health professionals are of the opinion that eczema essentially reflects the internal state of a person's health, lifestyle, energy balance, and psychological stability. Additionally, they recognise that eczema for some individuals is triggered by allergy-provoking substances.

This being the case, eczema natural treatments have to be selected to address psychological trauma and stress, realign the natural healing processes of the body and its energy balance, and, finally, stimulate efficient elimination of toxic substances from the body.

So if you prefer a more integrated plan to reduce your eczema symptoms, then you need to first ensure that the health care professional that you are seeing has an intimate knowledge of alternative or natural treatment methods. In this manner, you are assured of optimal care without suffering untoward side effects or negating the efficacy of individual treatments.

There are several options for a multi-pronged approach in drawing up a plan for eczema natural treatment. Here are 4 drug-free ideas that appear to have work, based on my own experience as an eczema sufferer and on the feedback that I have been receiving about them from subscribers to my free newsletter on eczema.

Natural Eczema Treatment #1: Pay Attention To What You Eat-Food Allergy May Cause Eczema

It is essential that you stick to a diet regimen with foods that do not provoke any allergic reactions. Instead, select foods that promote a greater balance of beneficial substances to prevent flare-ups of the disease.

- Avoid foods that may trigger eczema flare-ups. These may include citrus fruits, chocolate, eggs, cow's milk, shellfish, and wheat. It is helpful to keep a journal recording what you eat and note down instances when eczema breaks out.

- Emphasize a healthier whole-foods diet with minimal amounts of animal fat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed and junk foods.

- Consume foods high in vitamin A or beta-carotene and potassium such as carrots, and green leafy vegetables in your diet

Natural Eczema Treatment #2: Healing With Water

A common eczema symptom is extremely dry skin. Dry skin can be a sign of de-hydration. Hence it is important to ensure that you drink sufficient amounts of water every day. It is often recommended that you drink at least 2 litres of water daily but if you have eczema, it is best that you make this a minimum requirement.

Drink water that is as pure as possible and filtered of any chemicals. You want good clean water to flush through your body, bringing life and vitality to every skin cell.

Natural Eczema Treatment #3: Nutritional Supplements To Make Up Deficiency

Many eczema sufferers are found to be deficient in nutrients that support the healthy growth of skin. These supplements can help hydrate your skin from within and also to speed up the healing of damaged skin cells. It is a good idea to experiment by adding supplements to your diet one at a time. Supplements that are known to help include evening primrose oil, virgin coconut oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Eczema Natural Treatment #4: Herbs For Health

Herbs may be used as teas or infusions, topical applications, and tinctures. Eczema Herbal remedies may be used for direct treating the skin, for relieving stress, or for cleansing the bowel.

The use of herbal medicine can also come from the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. There are varying degrees of success reported by different individuals however.

It is important that if you wish to use eczema herbals, you should consult a qualified professional. Herbal remedies may be natural but some of them can have very potent effects.

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